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Pay It Forward In Reverse

| Friendly | April 16, 2014

(I decide to get myself a burrito bowl. There is a homeless man that is a ‘regular’ around the restaurant’s location. As I get my food I realize I can do something to help him. I get back in line and get the exact amount for two meals on a gift card. I go out to give it to him but he is gone. As I wait in line and pay the second time, I don’t realize a woman had already invited the homeless man in to buy him a meal. So I go around to the front of the line and hand the man the gift card while I think the other woman is paying. Apparently she hadn’t handed over her card yet. She sees him with the gift card, and puts HER card away.)

Woman: “Well, looks like you’re taken care of!”

(The woman then walks away without paying for the meal she was seconds from paying for originally. She reneged on her own act of charity because I handed him a gift card. God forbid this man gets three paid meals instead of two! I hope that you enjoyed the $6.78 you saved lady!)

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