Pay It Forward: Christmas Special

, , | Hopeless | December 24, 2016

(I’m on the bus on the way to my hometown to visit my family and friends over Christmas. I’ve been on the bus all night. We’ve stopped at gas stations but this is our first stop at a place with hot food, and we still have 3 hours to go, and I’ve walked from the bus depot while it is about -40.)

Me: “Okay, can I get a coffee, and an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, no meat? On debit, please.”

Cashier: “It says your card’s declined. Want to try again? Any cash?”

(No cash, and I try again, still no dice.)

Me: *tired, hungry and almost in tears* “Sorry, it didn’t work. Thank you anyway.”

Cashier: “Look, you know what honey? Take it.”

Me: “What?”

Cashier: “Take the sandwich, hon. You look like you need it right now. Just do one thing for me, OK?”

Me: “OK, what’s that?”

Cashier: “Pay it forward. Next time you see someone you can help, help ’em. And have a Merry Christmas.”

(Now that’s the holiday spirit for you. I keep her in mind whenever I see someone who needs help now.)

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