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Pay Attention, Por Favor

, , , | Right | December 10, 2019

(I am the customer in this story. The area I live in has a high population of Spanish-speakers. I am in the drive-thru lane at a fast food restaurant.)

Worker: “[Restaurant], may I take your order?”

Me: “Hi! Could I please have a grilled chicken wrap?”

Worker: “Grilled chicken wrap, por favor?”

(I’m thinking, “Wow, okay. I mean, I said please, but maybe she didn’t hear me.”)

Me: “Yes, please, a grilled chicken wrap.”

Worker: “Grilled chicken wrap, por favor?”

(Now I’m thinking, “Okay, I definitely said it loud enough that time. Why is she trying to teach me manners when I already said please twice?”)

Me: “Yes, please, a grilled chicken wrap.”

Worker: “Okay, and what would you like to drink?”

(I didn’t even say I wanted a drink, but I do, so…)

Me: “A [soda], please.”

Worker: “Okay.” *rings up order* “And can I get you anything else?”

(The order screen shows a grilled chicken wrap, fries, chicken nuggets, and soda.)

Me: “Uh, wait, I didn’t order that. I just wanted the chicken wrap, not the meal.”

Worker: “You wanted the por favor.”

Me: “What?” *looks at the menu board, sees the chicken wrap under “4 for $4″* “Oh. Oh! I’m so sorry. I didn’t understand you; I thought you said something else. Um, no, just the chicken wrap and [soda].”

Worker: “Okay, you can pull up to the next window.”

(I was so embarrassed. This whole time, she was saying “four for four,” and I was confirming that yes, I wanted it, but then no, I didn’t want it. When I pulled up to where the order taker was, I tried to smile like the idiot I was, and she had a look of disgust on her face. Sorry for being “that” customer.)

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