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Patriotism Took Some Weird Turns In Those Days

, , , , | Working | November 27, 2020

This happens a couple of years after the American terrorist attacks of 9/11. I am six.

Me: “I’d like a kids’ meal, please!”

Cashier: “And would you like freedom fries with that?”

Me: “No, just French fries.”

Cashier: “Sorry. We only have freedom fries.”

Me: “But I want French fries!”

The cashier continues to argue with me. My father joins in, talking about how bad of an ally France is, and I start crying. The manager comes over.

Manager: “What’s going on?”

Me: *Sobs* “I don’t want freedom fries! I want French fries!”

Manager: “We have French fries.”

Me: “You do?”

Cashier: “No, we don’t! Here in America, we sell freedom fries!

Manager: “Back. Now.”

Father: “He’s right.”

Manager: “So… one kids’ meal with the normal stuff, right?”

I was too exhausted to ask for clarification at this point. My father paid in silence. I got my French fries, but I can’t say it was a “happy meal.”

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