Patience: The Capacity To Accept Or Tolerate Delay

, , , , | Working | June 26, 2020

I call tech support because I have no Internet. After we finish basic troubleshooting, this conversation happens.

Tech Support: “It looks like we are going to have to send a tech out for this issue. This will incur a charge of $70 which will be reflected on your next bill. I’m going to send you a text with a link to approve this charge.”

Me: “All right, I got the text.”

Tech Support: “Excellent. Please approve the charge and I’ll set up an appointment.”

Me: “Okay. It’s going to take a minute.”

Tech Support: “That’s fine. Please approve the charge.”

Me: “Working on it; it’s just that all I have is mobile data and the site is taking time to load.”

Tech Support: “Okay, I understand. I just can’t make the appointment until you approve the charge.”

Me: “I don’t have Internet. My phone is being slow. I am approving the charge right now; it’s just going to take a minute.”

Tech Support: “I understand. We can find another way to approve it.”

The website loads and I am able to hit the “approve” button.

Tech Support: “Oh, I see it’s been approved. Let’s get your appointment set up.”

Apparently, the word “patience” was not in the man’s vocabulary.

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