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Patience Is Not In The Running

, , , | Right | November 18, 2022

I’m watching a half-marathon in a small town. It’s cosy, and people keep their distance without the need for barricades. Police aren’t needed for traffic control, and cars can drive on the same road as the marathon at the same time and nothing ever happens. It’s been going like this for over twenty years now. 

Suddenly, a woman in her car drives up to one of the barricades there to give direction to the runners. She immediately drives onto the curb and is stopped by an older man, who directs the runners in the right direction. 

Woman: “I need to go over there!”

Older Man: “Excuse me, miss, but there are runners running in that street.”

Woman: “But I live there. I need to be there!”

Older Man: “I can move the barricade for you. One moment.”

Woman: “Yes, yes!”

The barricade has barely moved and the woman hits the gas. 

Older Man: “Mind the runners!”

Woman: “Yes, yes!” *Waves out of the window*

She was not going slow at all, and she almost hit the curb on the other side while evading the barricade that was being opened for her on that side. I think her waiting time was about three minutes?

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