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Passive-Aggressive Payment Assistance

, , , , , | Right | August 19, 2022

My college issues ID cards that can be loaded with money and used at on-campus stores. I put some money on my card, and go to the campus coffee shop. It turns out that I didn’t do it right, and my card is declined.

Me: “Sorry, I thought I had money on the card.”

Barista: “That’s all right, here’s what to do…”

She explains the procedure.

The customer behind me, who I’ve never seen before, speaks up.

Customer: “I’ll pay for it; go ahead.”

Me: “Oh, thank you! I really appreciate it!”

Customer: *Condescendingly* “Now, next time, make sure you have money before you come in. I can’t always help you out.”

I didn’t ask for your help THIS time!

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