Passing The Family Test Is All That Counts

, , , , , | Working | November 15, 2019

(The store where I work is family-owned; most of my coworkers are related in some way, and those that are not are friends of the owner. The majority of my coworkers are college-aged and enjoy engaging in “recreational activities” after work [read: I work with a bunch of potheads]. I overhear this conversation involving the store owner.)

Manager: “Why don’t you drug test your employees?”

Owner: “Well, I usually don’t hire randos off the street; they tend to be family or friend connections. Plus, it would just be excessive time and another expense to have everyone tested, and I have yet to have a problem that would prompt me to feel the need.”

Manager: *snorts* “You know if you drug tested, you’d probably lose half your staff.”

Owner: *sighing* “And that is an unfortunate fact that I choose to ignore.”

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