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Passing The Buck To Uncle Buck

| Related | September 29, 2016

(I have two older brothers whom I refer to as ‘Bro1’ and ‘Bro2.’ ‘Bro1’ has a pet bearded dragon named Charizard who’s taking medicine to get rid of pinworms. Somehow ‘Bro1’ got me to help take care of him since he got him. I would be coming home late and since Charizard needs to take the meds each day, I sent a text to both Bros to give him it. When I come home, ‘Bro2’ is home and I asked him if he did what I asked since it’s night and Charizard is asleep.)

Brother #2: “Oh, him? No, I didn’t do anything. I don’t even know how to do it.”

Me: “It’s oral medicine. All you gotta do is get it in his mouth.”

Brother #2: “No, I don’t have anything to do with him. He’s your guys’ pet.”

Me: *I’m a ridiculous person* “But you’re his uncle!”

Brother #2: *walking upstairs* “He’s adopted.”

Me: “You’re still his uncle!”

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