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Passes The Insurance Screen

, , , , | Learning | April 9, 2018

(I work for a computer repair internship at my high school; I fix the laptops that the school provides when something breaks. While the students do have “insurance” for a couple free fixes during the year, we don’t charge their insurance if no parts were replaced, for example, a loose connection.)

Student: *walks in with a smashed laptop screen* “So, I think the connection’s loose on the screen.”

Me: “Er… No, it looks like the screen is smashed. Don’t worry; it happens to everyone.”

Student: “So, my insurance isn’t going to be charged?”

Me: “No, it is going to be charged, since I have to replace the screen. But again, don’t worry; if this is your first time putting your laptop in for repair, you’ll still have another free fix if you break it again.”

Student: “But the connection’s loose! I know it!”

Me: “There’s glass falling out of your screen.”

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