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Passed Parenting With Flying Natural Colors

| Related | December 1, 2014

(We are at my mother-in-law’s, when my 18-month-old daughter runs in. Her cheeks are rosy; her hair is gorgeous blonde curls.)

Mother-In-Law: *to my daughter* “Oh, look at you. You are gorgeous. Definitely don’t need any make up on that beautiful face. Don’t need to change anything.”

(My daughter giggles and runs back outside.)

Mother-In-Law: *to me* “You need to wash her hair with Borax.”

Me: “Borax? What for?”

Mother-In-Law: “Her hair is going dark; Borax will bleach it back to blonde.”

Me: “Yep, I am so going to put something toxic on her hair to keep it from going to its natural colour.”

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