Passed A Bar, Not THE Bar

| Working | September 25, 2013

(I am currently interning at a traffic court, and witness the following case.)

Judge: “Defendant is charged with reckless driving that caused an accident. How does she plead?”

Public Defender: “She pleads ‘insanity,’ Your Honor!”

(The public defender is full of gusto and it is obviously his first case. The defendant slowly looks at him like he’s a complete moron.)

Defendant: “…I plea no contest, Your Honor… There is no insanity plea in a traffic case.”

Judge: *to the public defender* “And the fact that the defendant is more aware of that than you are worries me.”

Public Defender: “Well, she had to have been insane when she was going 120 miles per hour in a 55—”

Judge: “Your job is to DEFEND her, not PROSECUTE her! Or do you need to go back to law school?”

(The defendant looks utterly appalled and shakes her head at the public defender.)

Defendant: “You’re fired.”

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