Party Like It’s 1999

, , , | Working | January 11, 2021

I work at a small-town branch of a bank. I often get asked other questions that have nothing to do with banking. One customer asks if I know the number to the local DMV office.

Me: “I don’t, but I can Google it for you.”

Customer: “Oh, thank you! So helpful.”

My boss comes up behind me as I’m typing and hands me the phonebook. I’m in my twenties, and I haven’t seen a phonebook since I was a little kid.

Me: “Um… what’s this for?”

Boss: “I heard you say you needed to look up a phone number. We have a phonebook in the back. Here you go!”

Me: “Actually, I just Googled the number.”

I write the number down for the customer. She thanks me again and leaves.

Boss: “So, you found the number for the DMV on the Internet?”

Me: “Yes. I do it all the time.”

Boss: “But we have a phonebook!”

I examine the phonebook in question.

Me: “This thing is as old as I am.”

Boss: “It still works!”

Me: “So, no one’s number has changed in two and a half decades?”

Boss: “Uh…”

Me: “That’s why I look online. Generally, you’ll find updated information.”

Boss: “But you can use the phonebook.”

Me: “You can use it. I’ll stick to Google.”

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