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“Party” and “DMV” Are Complete Opposites, Part 2

, , , , | Working | August 23, 2021

This story reminded me of when I renewed my driver’s license twenty-plus years ago. After I completed the eye test and filled everything out:

DMV Employee: “You are listed as an Independent. Per Florida laws, you cannot vote in the coming primary election as an Independent. Do you want to update this?”

I didn’t know a lot about politics, so I asked:

Me: “What side is our current president?”

The employee told me.

Me: “Oh, okay!”

The employee looked really happy. I then marked the opposite party and stated:

Me: “I feel the exact opposite.”

Unlike the story I mentioned, my information did not get updated and I was unable to vote in that primary. I got my ID updated later on and still think of the DMV worker when I vote for either side.

“Party” and “DMV” Are Complete Opposites

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