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Part-Time Worker, Full-Time Idiot

, , | Working | CREDIT: jennareid | December 14, 2020

We’re looking to hire an additional employee. We put up a post for a full-time position on a job-posting site, and we get a few good candidates. One we have pegged as a “maybe,” but she calls, despite a “No calls, please” notice in the ad, and basically convinces my partner to interview her. My partner has a big heart and sets up an interview for 1:00 pm, a time chosen by candidate.

Based on her resume, this woman is in her late thirties or early forties. On the day of the interview, 1:10 goes by and she’s a no-show, so I send out our usual rejection letter and get the following reply.

Applicant: “Dear [Partner]—

“I am sorry we didn’t get the chance to meet about the [position] job. I was interested in the position. I still am. If you would like to meet another time, please let me know. I was on the bus and I suddenly remembered that I was late for the interview; this was at 1:41 p.m. The thing is, I am not interested in a full-time position. I couldn’t work on Wednesday or Thursday, because of my other job. If this doesn’t meet your requirements, I understand. The hours that were discussed, 10:30 to 6:30, sound perfect for me, as I am not a morning person. Also, I am not too far away, making it very convenient.

“Good luck finding someone to join your team.”

The response pretty much scared me; the list of red flags just seems to go on and on. I’m really surprised just how out of touch this person is. She can’t be bothered to remember an interview. She doesn’t want to work full-time, despite the job being listed as full-time. She doesn’t want to work mornings. And I’m still not sure if the “good luck” part is a threat or not.

An offer had gone out to another candidate by 1:15.

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