Part-Time Work, Full-Time Jerk

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I’m the author of “You Won’t Save Soap, And You’ve Got Plenty Of Time”. The following story takes place around five or six years ago. 

My husband has quit his job and while he’s looking for a new one he’s been working on the kitchen and redoing it. My mother-in-law works three days a week, so I’m the only one working full-time. I work from home but I’m still working full days. 

One day, my mother-in-law comes out with this gem. 

Mother-In-Law: “I’m tired of cooking. Someone else can cook from now on.”

Now, keep in mind that she cooks maybe three dinners a week because she works the other days and isn’t home for dinner. We also order out at least once per week. 

Me: “[Husband]’s not working. He can cook dinner.”

Mother-In-Law: “You can, too.”

I just walked away. I’m terrible with confrontation. However, when my husband’s sister and her husband came over and I told her the story, she said that [Mother-In-Law] used to pull the same stuff at their house. 

I guess it’s good to know it’s not just me. Since then, I have started cooking, but I usually don’t cook when she’s around because she causes me anxiety and nearly always finds some fault with what I make.

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