Parrises Squares Sucks!

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(In my high school, the most important sport is volleyball. The faculty treat our volleyball players, especially the senior boys team, like superstars — think the usual stereotype for high school football players. I’m not a volleyball player, or an athlete of any kind. I’m one of the nerds that is forced to endure getting taken out of class for pep rallies, and gets bullied, though thankfully by this point it isn’t too bad. It’s relevant to note that at the time I am big into “Star Trek.” After one rally, I decide to be slightly rebellious and yell, “Volleyball sucks!” as I leave the gym. Real mature, I know. The next day, I run into the senior boys volleyball coach.)

Coach: “[My Name], after the rally yesterday, did you yell, ‘Volleyball sucks’?”

Me: *pause* “Maybe.”

Coach: “How would you feel if people were to say, ‘Trekkies are gay’?”

Me: “They do say that.”

(All of a sudden, the tone of the coach changed, as she seemed concerned that her athletes were bullying people. I laughed it off, because at that point the insults weren’t aimed at hurting and were generally taken in good fun. Years later I thought about it and realized that the coach’s go-to insult was “gay.” Admittedly, that was a typical insult for immature teen boys at the time, but in hindsight, maybe the teacher should not have been promoting that?)

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