Parking On Karma Street

| Friendly | October 2, 2016

(There’s a lady who always stops in the middle of the street each month when she comes to pay her rent to the office across from mine. The street is small, barely allows two cars to pass each other, and the office she goes to has a large parking area right beside it. All the same, she parks in the middle of the street.)

Me: *having parked and heading into my office* “You know, there’s a parking area right beside the office! You don’t have to park in the road!”

Woman: “Yeah, I know. I was just paying my rent.”

Me: “You’re impeding traffic each time you do it.”

Woman: “Yeah. Sorry.”

Me: “You’re impeding traffic. You’re going to get hit one of these days.”

Woman: “Whatever.”

(Four months later, sure enough, she jerks to a stop in front of a truck and is hit. The police are called and, since I saw what happened from my office, I report to the officer on scene.)

Woman: “I was just stopping here to pay rent! He was going way too fast!”

Officer: “Yes, he was. But, did you know there’s a parking lot right beside us that you could have used? You probably wouldn’t have had the accident if you’d used it.”

Me: “I told her that before. She does this every month.”

Officer: “…Really!”

(She glared at me the whole while that he wrote her a ticket.)

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