Parking And Tokens And Phones, Oh My!

, , | Hopeless | November 21, 2016

It’s a Sunday morning and there’s a big event going on at a park the turn right before we go to the zoo. Thinking it’s the parking for the zoo, I, the driver, go ahead and drop my friends off here and go to look for parking in a less crowded location. I go up one more intersection and, lo and behold, the zoo is THERE instead and there’s plenty of parking. As I don’t have my phone, I quickly try to reverse and find the others. When I get to the park, where the event is, I try to find them and also ask for the possibility to use a phone. The two people I manage to flag down tell me they don’t have their phones, that their mom or wife has it. Seeing no one else separated, I decide to try my luck at the zoo parking.

When I get there, I pull into a space and a guy is standing there and before I say anything, he offers me his parking ticket, saying he’s not going to be there until the time indicated, which goes beyond closing! He also gives me a voting token — little coins used to gather donations for endangered animals in the zoo. Hating to burden him more, but seeing no other option, I ask to use his cellphone and he let’s me. Turns out everyone was already by the entrance waiting for me! I had no means to repay the guy, but I wanted to at least let people know this guy was amazing. I cannot thank him enough for saving my day!

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