Parked On That Decision, Part 2

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The hotel I work at is brand-new, the entire building having been built from the ground up. The parking isn’t great in this location; the only legal places are the hotel’s own underground parking garage or a public parking lot across the street. Both cost money to use. There is a “space” in front of the hotel where people like to park their cars, but that is intended for firetrucks in case of emergency. It’s not a parking space.

It’s evening and a man comes up to me.

Guest: “I checked in at noon. I parked my car out front, and your colleague told me I could stay parked there. And now I have this.”

He shows me a parking ticket.

Me: “There is no parking allowed out front. You can park in our underground garage for 18€ a night, or pay for using the parking lot across the street. Our front is only supposed to be used for dropping off luggage, at best.”

Guest: “Your colleague told me I could park there.”

Me: “Then my colleague likely made a mistake. As I said, your options now are to park in our garage or the parking lot.”

He calculates the price for the garage use and the ticket.

Guest: “So, if I were to park in your garage for tonight, I would have to pay 38€?”

Me: “Yes, that would be the case.”

His voice is loud enough that my other colleague, who is also the assistant manager, can hear him to the other end of the reception area, which is quite wide. This guy is also beginning to annoy me because he’s complaining about having parked in an area that is labeled via colored markings on the pavement to be the fire lane. I am giving him the full Rhett Butler treatment.

Me: “I have given you your options. If you do not want to use our garage, I frankly do not care. And if you choose to not pay the ticket, I also don’t care about that because it’s none of my business.”

Guest: “And your name is?”

He peers at my nametag.

Me: “[My Last Name].”

I hold the nametag out to make the name easier to see.

Guest: “And you won’t mind if I tell your boss that you said you don’t care about this?”

Me: “Yes.”

Guest: “You know, I’ve been giving you an offer.”

Me: “What kind of offer?”

Guest: “When I pointed out that I would have to pay 38€ for parking tonight. You could have admitted this was a mistake on your hotel’s part and let me park in the garage for free tonight.”

Me: “Frankly, that did not sound like an offer to me. And another factor is that I am not sure I’d even have the authorization to allow that.”

Guest: “That didn’t sound like an offer to you?”

Me: “It did not. But if you do use the garage, please inform someone at reception so that we can make a note in your reservation about it.”

Guest: “Well, fine. But this matter isn’t over for me yet.”

He left the hotel, presumably to park his car somewhere. I talked with the assistant manager right away, since she heard everything. She agreed with my stance and also pointed out that there was absolutely no allowance of parking in our garage for free. There aren’t any underground parking areas in this city that don’t require payment to use.

Parked On That Decision

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