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Parents Worrying About The Important Things

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(I’m male and have recently come out to my parents as bisexual. My mum has asked me to bring my boyfriend over for the evening. She says my dad has been very on-edge about the entire affair, which I assume means he might not be as accepting as I’d hoped. The evening comes around and my mum is there to greet us. She calls my dad into the room. He says very little and looks very uncomfortable. My boyfriend eventually tries to shake his hand. My dad accepts and notices the tattoo on his arm.)

Dad: “Nice rose. Do you still need the stem finished? My friend’s an artist.”

Boyfriend: “No, I’m just keeping it shaded. F*** putting green on my body!”

(I had literally never seen my dad so relieved. All the tension disappeared and the rest of the night went well. It turns out when he heard my boyfriend was from an area well known for its Celtic supporters, he feared he would be a Celtic supporter, too.)

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