Parents Scream Louder Than Kids For Ice Cream

, , , | Right | March 15, 2019

(The fast food place where I work has a policy that unopened toys from kids’ meals can be exchanged for a kid-sized ice cream cone. I am working one morning during breakfast when two kids come up to me.)

Kid: “Can we get ice cream?”

Me: “Sure, it will be [price].”

Kid: “Um, can I just have one?”

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t just give you ice cream.”

(The kids walk away and say something to their mother, and then she storms up.)

Mother: “I want a manager.”

Manager: “How may I help you?”

Mother: “I bought meals for my kids and they aren’t getting their free ice cream.”

Manager: “Well, if you give me the toys from the meals, we can exchange them for ice cream.”

Mother: “They didn’t get toys. I got them breakfast meals.”

Manager: “Okay, well, toys don’t come with breakfast meals. So, if you would like a kid-sized ice cream cone, it will be [price].”

Mother: “Well, can’t you just give them ice cream? I mean, they’re kids! I paid more for their breakfast meal than I would have for kids’ meals!”

Manager: “I apologize, but if you want the ice cream, you will have to pay for it.”

Mother: “I’ll be calling corporate about this! This would never happen at the place I go to at home!”

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