Parents Paying For Their Children’s Food? Whatever Next!

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We’re fifteen minutes to close and a group of seven come in: two mothers and five kids between them. The kids are between eight and fifteen years old, I’d say. Old enough that they can eat their own meal.

Mother #1: “We only have [amount] of dollars to spend.”

Each mother orders a meal, and two kids’ meals total for the five children to split.

Mother #2: “This will be enough, because of the unlimited breadsticks you guys do.”

I feel bad for the children, so I go to my manager and explain. She also feels bad for the children and tells me we can help. I return to the family:

Me: “The restaurant will provide kids’ meals on the house for the other three kids so they can all have their own meal.”

At hearing this both moms cancel the two kids’ meals they had ordered, and order an alcoholic drink instead.

Mother #1: “You’re covering the five kids’ meals, right?”

Me: “No, the offer was three, because they had already ordered two.”

I told my manager and she said to let it go. However, I ended up being able to cancel the drinks. In the state I live in, you can’t order drinks after the restaurant is closed, and because they came in so close to closing time, the POS system wouldn’t let me ring them in anymore by the time everything had been discussed.

What a**hole parents.

And of course, you know they stiffed me.

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