Parents Have Blind Faith

| Learning | April 24, 2015

(My mother is a high school chemistry teacher. While observing her students settling in at the start of the period, she watches one student [who happens to be Christian] pass her completed homework to another student. Per the school’s academic code, my mother collects the homework, gives both students a zero on the assignment for cheating, and reports the cheating to both sets of parents and the office. The mother of the Christian student meets with my mother regarding the incident.)

Mother: “I can’t believe you are accusing my daughter of cheating! She would never do something like that!”

Teacher: “I watched her do it.”

Mother: “My daughter is a good Christian girl; she would never cheat!”

Teacher: “I watched her do it.”

Mother: “My daughter is a good Christian girl! She goes to church every Sunday and Bible study every Wednesday and says her prayers every day!”

Teacher: “I watched her cheat.”

Mother: “I think we should pray over this and see what God wants us to do.”

Teacher: “I watched her cheat. I will not be praying with you.”

Mother: “What are you going to do about this? My good Christian girl can’t have this kind of academic record.”

Teacher: “I have done all that I am going to do. I watched her cheat and I took appropriate action as required by the school’s academic code.”

Mother: “I will have you reported to the principal!” *stalks off ranting about how her ‘good Christian girl’ would never cheat*

(It never seemed to occur to the mother that her daughter’s religious observances had no bearing on the situation; she allowed another student to copy her work, which is cheating. Unfortunately, this was just one of many parents who tried to use their religion as ‘proof’ that their children were good, didn’t do it, and should be given another chance.)

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