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Parenting Standards Taking A Dive

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I work as a lifeguard while in high school. One afternoon, a boy, eight years old or so, assumes the diving position at the edge of the shallow end of the pool.

Me: “That water isn’t deep enough; you might hit your head on the bottom of the pool if you dive there! You can dive into the deeper water at the other end.”

A few minutes later, he comes back and tries to dive into the shallow water again. As I start to “remind” him that diving isn’t allowed there, his mother comes over.

Mother: “How dare you tell my boy what he can and cannot do here?! If he wants to dive here, you’d better d*** well let him! You don’t tell him what to do.”

Yet again, I explain that the rule is for his safety and the safety of the small children playing in the water where her son is trying to dive. Her response?

Mother: “If he cracks his skull open, it’s his own problem, not yours!

Me: “Ma’am, since I am the lifeguard on duty at the moment, your son’s fractured skull would indeed be my problem.”

She gathered up her kid and stormed out.

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