Parenting So Bad It Hurts

, , , , , | Right | October 23, 2018

(There are about four children running wild through our shop. The mother is taking no notice of them so I request that they stop. We have glass items and metal shelves that could do damage if someone knocks the safety cap off, which is quite easy to do.)

Me: “Please don’t run in the store; you may hurt yourselves.”

Mother: “Don’t you tell my children what they might do; they need to learn for themselves. When they get hurt they will learn.”

Me: “But I was just trying to make sure they don’t get hurt.”

Mother: “Well, if they don’t get hurt they won’t believe you; they have to get hurt first, and then you can tell them not to do it. Don’t tell my kids not to do something before they get hurt.” *leaves shop*

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