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(I work the late shift at a gas station. It is about 12:30 at night when a man walks in with a child, about ten years old. He selects and brings a pack of beer to the counter.)

Me: “That’ll be $14.64, sir.”

(He pays and doesn’t make a scene. I figure that he is not going to be a problem. I hand him the beer, and he gives the pack to the child.)

Customer: “Here, [Kid]. You carry it.”

Me: “Sir, I cannot let your kid carry the beer out of the store. It is against the law.”

Customer: “Hey, f***a**, it’s my kid. I can do what I want with him.”

Me: “Sir, your kid is a minor. Once he is off the lot, he may carry it home, but it is against the law for a minor to carry beer on commercial property.”

(The child tries to hand the beer to his father.)

Customer: “No! He can carry the d*** case! He’s not the government’s kid! He can and will do what I say! What’s your f****** problem, d**khead?!”

Me: “Sir, you need to carry the beer out the door by yourself, or I will call the cops. Do you want to be arrested because you wouldn’t carry the beer?”

(He swears under his breath at me and snatches the beer from his child. He turns to leave, and as he reaches the door, he glares back at me.)

Customer: “I am never coming back here again. I hope you lose your job.”

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