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Parental Guardianship

| Related | September 30, 2014

(I am a seasoned cosplayer, building a full suit Rocket Raccoon cosplay with a dancing Groot in preparation for New York Comic Con. I have managed to purchase two three-day passes to surprise my Trekkie/Whovian mother without her knowing. My parents and I are sitting at dinner when I’m about to break the news as a surprise.)

Mom: “ANOTHER box came from [Online Fabric Store] for you today. How much fabric can you possibly need?”

Me: “Well, I’m making Rocket.” *shows picture of work in progress*

Mom: “I thought your Guardians cosplay group wasn’t going to be competing until February. Why are you rushing to finish this?”

Me: *pulling badges from pocket* “Surprise! I’m actually entering the NYCC contest instead.”

Mom: “You managed to get tickets this year?”

Dad: “And how much did they cost?”

Me: “They’re three-day passes, so $65 each plus tax? About $140 total.”

Dad: “That is way too much money!”

Me: “William Shatner is going to be there.”

Dad: “Why couldn’t you have bought three?!”

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