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Parent-Teacher Conference In 3… 2… 

, , , , | Learning | November 14, 2019

(When I am in primary school, my mum works as a nurse and my dad as a police officer. So that one of them can be home as much as possible, they often work opposite each other. Mum quite often works nights when Dad works days and vice versa. One day at my parent-teacher evening, Mum goes to talk to the teacher:)

Teacher: *grinning* “I have to show you this. [My Name] was asked to write about what his parents do for a living, and he wrote this.”

My Writing: “My mummy stays out all night and stays in bed all day!”

Mum: “Oh, my!”

Teacher: *chuckling* “Don’t worry; I know what you actually do, so we’ll say no more about it!”

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