Parent Ponders Possibility Of Prolicide

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(We have a basement TV room where my sons like to camp and play video games. My older son, 18 years old, doesn’t like me standing over him while he’s playing online, so he tends to ask, “What are you doing?” every single time I pass through the room to get something from other parts of the basement. It drives me a bit nuts when I have to go back and forth multiple times and I keep getting that question every. Single. Time. Last night, I was a bit tired of the question and decided to get creative with my answers.)

Me: *enters basement to go to the laundry room*

Son: “What are you doing?”

Me: “Plotting your untimely demise.”

Son: “…”

(He says nothing until I come back through.)

Me: “I was initially thinking poison, but now I’m leaning toward a tiger trap in the yard.”

Son: “Cool.” *goes back to gaming*

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