The Parent Is Not Always Right

, , , | Right | March 7, 2018

(I have just finished up with a customer at the counter and am tidying up a few loose ends before heading back to my assigned task elsewhere in the store. I see a woman come into the store with a three- or four-year-old boy.)

Me: “Good morning! How are you? Is there anything I can help you with?”

Customer: “No, I’m fine, thanks. Just looking.”

(I finish my tidying and am just leaving the counter area when I hear the customer talking to the boy.)

Customer: “Okay, you sit there; the lady is just over there and she can keep an eye on you.”

(She’s positioned him in a spot that I have to crane my neck to see, right in line with the door. Even if I was able to stay at the counter, there’s no way I could see if he decided to take off outside, or worse. If another customer needed me out on the floor I’d have to leave, anyway.)

Me: “Excuse me, but you can’t leave him there. I can’t guarantee I will be able to stay at the counter.”

Customer: *to child* “Hmm… Looks like you are going to have to follow me around and be bored, seeing as the lady won’t let you stay here.”

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