Parent Made Apparent

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(I’m cleaning up some tables for the children’s clothing. Everything is going fine until a young boy shows up and starts throwing things on the ground.)

Me: “Excuse me. Can you stop doing that?”

Boy: *snottily* “Doing what? Throwing things?” *throws clothing at me*

(After I spend a few minutes asking the boy to stop, he runs off. I call in to my manager to let him know that he may have to keep an eye on the boy. Fifteen minutes later, the boy and his mother show up.)

Mother: *to boy* “Is this her?”

Boy: *nods and smirks*

Mother: *to me* “I am so sorry for my son’s behavior! I honestly lost track of him, and I’m so thankful you called in to the manager!”

Boy: *shocked* “What?! This lady was saying mean words to me!”

Mother: *angrily* “NO, she wasn’t! I come here a lot, and this lady has treated me with nothing but respect! There is no way she treated you like you say she is!”

Boy: *lets out a string of cuss words*

Mother: *to me* “Thank you so much, again! I’m sorry for him.”

(They proceed to walk out of the store, the mother scolding the child. My manager walks up to see me with tears in my eyes.)

Manager: “Are you okay?”

Me: “Yeah… It’s just so nice to actually have a parent taking responsibility for once!”

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