Pardon My French

, , , | Right | June 5, 2018

(I’m the customer in this story, visiting a perfume shop. While the French language isn’t as commonly known in Germany as the English one, at least basic pronunciation is. French and Latin are common second foreign languages taught at higher schools. I picked French and still remember some basics. The perfume in question has a rather hard-to-pronounce French name, think something like, “La chaise de l’hôtel,” by a quite famous manufacturer.)

Me: “Hi, I’m looking for—” *trying my best to pronounce it as correctly as possible* “[Perfume]. Do you happen to have it?”

Employee: “Um, could you say that again, please?”

Me: *thinking I pronounced it wrong* “I think it is called [Perfume].”

Employee: “I’m not sure. Could you write it down, please?”

(I write it down.)

Employee: “Oh! Yes, we do have it, of course.”

Me: “Did I pronounce it wrong?”

Employee: “No, you were actually the first to pronounce it right. I’m sorry.”

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