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Pardon Me Whilst I Word-Vomit

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My mom and I plan to take our new puppy to the pet store for the first time to grab some supplies. However, on the way over, the dog vomits, so we turn around and go back home to clean out the car and to leave the dog at the house.

I go inside with the dog, and while I’m inside, my mom leaves me to go to the pet store. I think that she purposefully left without me and I shrug it off. Later on, when she returns home, she hits me with this.

Mom: “You a**hole. I got in the car and thought you were in there and left to go to the store. I was talking to you the whole way only to turn and see you weren’t there. I felt like a crazy person!”

Me: “You didn’t notice that it was an entirely one-sided conversation?”

Mom: “I thought you were just being quiet and letting me rant!”

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