| Related | May 3, 2014

(My sister and I are watching the Sochi Olympics. A snowboarder, one of the gold medal contenders, has just crashed in the half-pipe. Impulsively, I blurt out a score.)

Me: “Fifteen.”

Sister: “Hmm?”

Me: “I think that’s his score. Fifteen.”

(Within seconds, his score shows onscreen: 15.00. My jaw drops.)

Me: “No. Way.”

Sister: “You probably just looked it up online.”

Me: “No, I was at work all day! And you know how I am about spoilers.”

(Later, a German figure skating pair is getting ready to perform.)

Me: “I think they’re gonna crash. They always show someone who does.”

(They don’t crash.)

Sister: “Ha! Guess your streak is broken!”

(The next night, though, this same pair performs again, and both of them end up falling.)

Me: “Hey, I was right! I didn’t say when they’d crash!”

Sister: “You need to stop being psychic. It’s creepy.”

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