Paradigm Shift

| Related | January 24, 2014

(We are having a family dinner during which my brother-in-law, who is working on his master’s degree in English, had bored us silly with a grandiose ‘summary’ of his thesis.)

Brother-In-Law: “…and it all came together when I established the ‘para-diggem’ the author uses in all his works!”

(All the adults around the table share a look of confusion, before my 10-year-old son, who is a gifted reader, speaks up.)

Son: “I think he means ‘paradigm.'”

(The adults break into gales of laughter while my brother-in-law turns beet-red with embarrassment and refuses to speak after this. The term ‘para-diggem’, and shifts thereof, came up frequently for the rest of the evening.)

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