Paper, Plastic, Or Pure Rage?

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I work as a cashier. It’s my third day on the job. A woman enters my express lane.

Customer: “Hello, I’d like to do three separate orders.”

Me: “No problem! Is plastic okay?”

Customer: “No, thanks. I want paper.”

Her first order goes off without a hitch. I bag her groceries and begin the second transaction. When I’ve finished, she reaches over the counter and pushes the groceries down the conveyor belt herself before holding out a hand to me.

Customer: “Can I have a paper bag?”

Me: “Of course!”

After handing her the bag, I begin her third and final purchase. I notice her shoot me a nasty look.

Customer: “I have to bag my own groceries?”

Me: “Oh, no, I apologize! I thought you wanted to do it, which was why I handed you the bag when you asked. Let me get that for you.”

The customer swats my hand away and begins muttering under her breath as she shoves her groceries in the bag. I’m a little stunned, but I turn my attention to her final order. I make eye contact with the next woman in line and she gives me a sympathetic look.

Me: “All righty, your total comes to [total]. Would you like this order in paper, as well?”

Customer: “Yes.”

She swipes her card and the transaction is complete. I bag her groceries, send them down, and hand her the receipt.

Customer: “Oh, no! I have coupons! Take them right now!”

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry. I just finished the transaction so I can no longer take them, but the lady at the service desk can do them for you.”

Customer: “God d*** it. This is what happens when you go too f****** fast. When I go up to get my coupons done, I’m putting in a complaint about you.”

The customers in my line gasp collectively. I say nothing and definitely have to swallow down a few tears. The woman collects her coupons and continues muttering obscenities under her breath. I’m pretty sure she curses my firstborn child.

Customer #2: “You definitely handled that way better than I would have. I hope your day gets better.”

Later, my supervisor came over and told me that the woman had, in fact, made a complaint about me. She told me not to worry about it after I explained what happened. Apparently, the woman had been just as rude to her.

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