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Paper, Plastic, Or Panic?

, , , , | Right | August 20, 2020

My mom and I are standing in line at the checkout when my mom says that she forgot to grab something and asks me to watch the cart for a minute. While she’s gone, the cashier finishes ringing up the customer in front of me. I am extremely shy, and I start getting very flustered as I unload the cart.

Cashier: “Do you want paper or plastic?”

Me: *Mumbling* “Um… I, uh…”

Cashier: *Patiently* “Paper or plastic?”

Me: “Yes.”

We both stare blankly at each other for several seconds.

Cashier: *Still patiently* “Paper or plastic, ma’am?”

Me: “Oh, um… plastic. Wait, no! Paper!”

My mom mercifully returned at that point and paid for the groceries.

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