Panic In The Pantry

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My mom goes out of town for a weekend for a nursing conference, leaving me at home to watch the house, animals, and my younger brother. I’m fairly confident in my ability to handle things… until I lock myself in the pantry by accident.

At first I keep calm, figuring that someone will be home soon to rescue me. Then I remember that Mom’s not due home for over twenty-four hours, my brother is spending the entire day at a Cub Scout activity, and there’s no way for me to call a neighbor from inside the pantry. And to make things worse, we have two young puppies that aren’t completely house-trained and will probably wreck the house while I’m stuck in here waiting for rescue.

Long story short… By the time my brother finishes his Scout activity and is dropped off by the Pack leader, I’m out of the pantry, but there’s a fist-sized hole in the pantry door. Mom takes it pretty well when I call her to tell her what happened. At least, she takes it well after she quits laughing. We never do get around to fixing the hole.

Upon hearing my explanation for the hole, my brother’s only response is, “It’s the pantry; at least you wouldn’t have starved to death.” Thanks, kid.

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