Palindromally Theological

| MI, USA | Friendly | June 1, 2015

(My friend and I are talking about Adam and Eve on our way to class at the beginning of school and this interesting subject comes up.)

Me: “So, God created the Earth and Adam and Eve and we usually pray to God as a whole because of these beginning reasons, correct?”

Friend: “Yeah?”

Me: “Well, what if we prayed to an individual part of God for certain things… such as praying to his pinky for wealth and good fortune?”

Friend: *puts his finger in the air* “Oh dear God, please let me win the lottery this week.”

Me: *laughs* “Also, if God made this universe, couldn’t he have made another one?”

Friend: “Makes sense. He could have another one with the first people not being called Adam and Eve.” *his face lightens up*

Me: “What did you just think of?”

Friend: “What if God has another universe where the names of Adam and Eve are backwards?!”

Me: “Interesting… so there names would be amazing like—”

Friend: *interrupts me* “—Mada! And…” *begins thinking*

Me: “What’s the other one?”

Friend: “…Eve.”

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