Palabra Is The Word

, , | Hopeless | December 11, 2016

(My daughter has special needs. She is an adult but is quite small and not very vocal. She will say hello, usually over and over after someone responds. Most of her sentences are one word long. I was shopping for a coat when a little boy in a cart behind me piped up.)

Boy: “Hola!”

Daughter: “Hola!”

Boy: “Hola!”

Daughter: “Hola!”

Me: *to the boy* “Hola, chico.” *to my daughter* “Okay, you’ve said hello, honey. You don’t have to keep saying it.”

Daughter: “Como estas lindo?” *how are you, cute? – guessing that’s as close as she could come to “cutie”*

Me: *silent in shock*

(The two chatted for a few minutes as I just stared.)

Daughter: *to Boy* “Bye, niño.”  *walks up to me* “Spanish.” *except she can’t make the sp sound so what she said was ‘Panish*

(I speak English, German, and ASL with her. Not really sure how she even learned Spanish.)

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