Pajamas Are All You’ll Be Wearing After The Baby Is Born

, , , | Working | February 19, 2019

(I visit a local shop to see if they have maternity clothing, and I approach an employee who appears to be a female in her late teens or early twenties.)

Me: “Excuse me. Do you have a maternity section?”

Clerk: *blank look* “Um… Do you mean, like, pajamas?”

Me: *thinking she hasn’t heard me correctly* “No, maternity.”

Clerk: “…”

Me: “Clothes for pregnant women?”

Clerk: *sudden light bulb look* “Oh! You mean these!” *leads me to a rack of medical scrubs*

Me: “No, I mean for women who are having a baby.”

Clerk: “Yes, that’s these.”

Me: *giving up* “Okay, thank you!”

(I looked around some for myself and found something to buy. When I checked out, the cashier was visibly pregnant, and she confirmed that they did not have a maternity section. I told her what the other employee had told me, and she just shrugged and said, “Well, she tried.”)

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