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Pajama Drama, Part 6

, , , | Related | November 21, 2019

(When I’m in middle school, I catch a bad case of the flu. My family typically goes skiing on winter weekends, but since I’m sick and have schoolwork to do anyway, my parents decide to leave me with my grandparents. The “child handoff” happens at a home improvement store, since my grandmother has to check something there. We get my stuff in her car and then walk around the store before my grandmother takes me to her and my grandfather’s house. I’m not bored and am not self-conscious enough to feel embarrassed that I’m walking around in pajamas. After my parents get back and take me home, my grandmother mentions taking me into the store.)

Mom: “You took her into the store in her pajamas?”

Grandma: “Those were pajamas?! I thought they were like those lounge pants you see nowadays!”

(And that is how I once browsed light fixtures with my grandmother in second-hand pajamas.)

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