Pajama Drama, Part 3

| Right | April 13, 2017

(I manage a local pizza shop that offers either take-out or dine-in. Unfortunately, we don’t usually have anyone using the dine-in area, but we do occasionally have two or three large parties that come in at once and fill up the dining room. On one of these evenings, a woman comes in to pick up an order. Everything goes as usual until she gets ready to walk out.)

Woman: *leans over counter to stage whisper to me* “So, am I going to receive some financial compensation?”

Me: “Uh. What would you be needing that for, ma’am?”

Woman: “Well, I came out and got this food because I didn’t feel like cooking or anything. I specifically ordered from this location because there is usually no one here except employees, and I didn’t feel like changing clothes, so I wore my pj’s. I need to receive financial compensation because your dining room is full of people, and they all saw me in my pj’s.”

Me: “Uhm. Good luck with that, ma’am. Here’s the number for our complaint line. Have a nice day.”

(She looked slightly confused and disgruntled, but took the number and walked out. Never heard anything else about it, so I assume she either never called, or they laughed her off the phone.)


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