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Painting Yourself In A Negative Light

, , , | Right | January 1, 2022

I was working in a large retail chain. I had a lady come up to the service desk.

Customer: “Can I get this five-gallon bucket of paint for $10 because it’s already mixed with color?”

My supervisor and I tried to get to the bottom of the original price to see if a discount was possible.

Me: “Ma’am, this paint was originally $60 and has already been marked down 50% because it’s premixed.”

Customer: “But I’m doing you a favor! No one else is going to buy this since it already has color.”

My supervisor finally firmly got the NO into her head.

Customer: “Fine! Take it out of my cart for me, then.”

My supervisor is barely five feet tall and she’s eight and a half months pregnant. I’m disabled and can’t lift more than twenty-five pounds before my joints give out. We team-lifted it out of there.

It is now one of my go-to stories for nutty customers. We all talked about it for weeks.

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