Painting The Room Ginger

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(My parents are in the process of redoing the house. My brothers and I are responsible for painting our own rooms, and my mom thinks my choices aren’t girly enough for a “young lady’s room.” Note: The older of my two brothers is a redhead.)

Me: “So how dark can I paint my room?”

Mom: “Not too dark. A nice lavender?”

Me: “Or navy blue.”

Her: “Nothing too dark.”

Me: “How dark is too dark?”

Brother #2: “Not as dark as your soul.”

Me: “At least I have a soul…”

Brother #1: “HEY! Mom, she made another ginger joke!”

(I went with blue. My brother shaved his head, but his beard is still flaming red.)

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  • Deadpool
  • Darth Pseudonym

    Girliness has nothing to do with it — dark walls are just rarely a good idea, because they make a room feel smaller. You can get away with it in a bathroom or kitchen, especially if you go with a light countertop, but bedrooms are almost universally light-walled because it’s most attractive that way. Some people like to use an ‘accent wall’ where three walls are a light neutral (white, cream, or pale tan) and the fourth is a strong color, but even then you want a clear color tone, not a dark.

    • Darth Pseudonym

      Pale pastels are good wall colors but even then you want to stick to the cool end of the spectrum — blues, greens, indigos — rather than pinks or oranges, which get tiring on the eyes.

      People who do a little girl’s room all in pink are mildly insane. If you must have a large piece of pink furniture (like a bedspread), at least offset it with a white to blue wall and a dark carpet…

      (Sorry, I repainted my house a few years ago and wound up watching Home & Garden TV and visiting interior decorating websites for about two weeks while trying to figure out what I wanted to do…)

      • Deadpool

        I’m sorry, we’re taking back your title. You can’t be a dark lord of the Sith while discussing paint swatches. From now on, you are “Mr. Pseudonym” or any other name you can think of without the Darth title.

        • Darth Pseudonym

          Oh crap you saw through my clever disguise! Uh… uh… EVIL! Something something COMPLETED! Where’s my black room with neon tubes? RAWR!

        • Jaxad0127

          Evil overlords need good style sense too. Can’t have heroic colors on your walls. And the living areas should be comfortable, unlike the office areas and torture chambers.

      • Kitty

        Oh, those renovating shows I watched (like DIY SOS and stuff like that) so often made young-ish girls’ rooms (age 12, for example) in pale pink and pale purple and I find it ugly. For one, two rather ‘big’ colors mixed together? Too much for the eyes. And for a preteen, I almost wonder how long until they’ll start hating it cause they are going through the ‘edgey teen’ phase of dark colors and anything to be ‘unique’, you know?

      • cylon_toast

        I don’t think it really matters as long as you like it, it’s your room and you should like what it looks like. I hate pastels and pale colors so I’d never paint my room in them. My room was originally painted a lavender like color and I hated it but I wasn’t allowed to repaint it until I was 13, I did and chose a slightly dark red (it was called burnt pumpkin but it was most definitely red) I liked it way better than the purple and made my room feel more like MY room. I moved and now my room is grey, light grey with a dark grey pattern on top. I think next time I’ll go with like a royal blue.

        Though red could be good for bedrooms as it invokes passion (if you believe in color psychology that is) and warmth. But cool colors are better for calming, but that’s more blues than greens as greens are more or energy.

        I say as long as you don’t paint the ceiling you’re good.

        (I may have taken a year of interior design)

    • What about those of us who WANT our bedroom to feel smaller :p

      I’m severely claustrophiliac (not claustrophobic, but the opposite) and have my bedroom walls painted dark plus I have one of these on my bed, helps me sleep better

      • cylon_toast

        OOH, I want one of those! It will make me feel like I’m in a fort.

        • Its called the Privacy Pop Bed Tent

          They’re a bit pricey (about 150 dollars) but I highly recommended them

      • Lil Tiger

        I need near complete darkness for sleep and this would be perfect!

    • Kitty

      Personally, if I wasn’t lazy (and didn’t keep smashing bugs on the walls and leaving spots, which is why I am sticking with the regular white walls for now) I would love to paint some of the walls a dark color (like blue) and the rest a lighter color. Something like ivory or pale cream. It gives color to the room and, if done right, can make the room appear bigger. Like, short dark walls and long walls remain light.

    • Jackie Fauxe

      I think the mom could just be right for the wrong reason; she knows bright colors would be better, but her reason is femininity and not something more practical.

      Your posts on paint were really informative, though. Thanks for sharing them!

    • datawog

      I wish I’d had someone like you around when my mom let me pick the paint for my room. I decided I wanted to ‘feel like I’m sleeping in a forest’, so… dark green walls and dark blue ceiling.

      Yeah, it was super dark. After spending a few hours in there, my pupils would be so dilated she once asked me if I was high.

      • cylon_toast

        That sounds awesome. Though I find painting ceilings iffy. You should have put a bunch of those glow in the dark stars up there, that would have been cool.

        • datawog

          I had those in my room the house before that one. Whoever lived there before me had put a bunch of those stickers all over the walls, and then painted over them so I couldn’t even peel them off, but they still glowed through the paint. They drove me nuts, and I hated them with a passion.

          • cylon_toast

            That sucks. I have a bunch of glow in the dark bats on my ceiling.

    • Leah

      you’re right that it’s generally a better idea to paint living spaces in lighter colours, however you can’t really say ‘girliness has nothing to do with it’ in the OP’s case, because her mother might have actually SAID her choices weren’t appropriate for a young lady’s room.

  • I remember getting to pick the paint for my first bedroom and I was all about anything pink. Well the paint dried and looked more lavender than pink which I was super thankful for when I got older.

  • Gnomer Denois

    Gingers have souls, we gain a freckle for every one we steal from someone else.

    • Kitty

      You don’t steal someone else’s soul, you just chop a little part off. And then sew it onto a soul-quiltpatch.

  • So OP was feeling blue?

    • Kamikaze Blitz

      Shaking my head for having red that.

  • Medusa Jordan

    I sell stuff on ebay. I once received a message that a customer wanted one in black, or as he put it: ‘as black as my wife’s heart’!