Painting It An Angry Hue Of Red

, , , , , | Right | December 16, 2020

I am hosting a “paint your own pottery” birthday party. This group is running thirty minutes over their allotted time. I approach the mother who booked the party.

Me: “Excuse me, ma’am, but we need the party table for the next group coming in.”

Party Mom has a tantrum, going full red-faced rage at us.

Party Mom: “You’re a bad representative of the company. You’ve ruined my daughter’s whole party! You should have helped her clean up!”

We do clean everything; that’s why we need them to leave.

After we apologize, she is still planning on contacting my manager, but the next group coming in witnesses the whole thing. Two of the women in the next group write preemptive emails to the manager and the owner saying how great we are and that the angry party mom was out of line.

We didn’t get reprimanded at all, because even the owner could tell that the raging party mom was trying to manipulate her for free stuff. But the women from the second group really saved my hope for humanity!

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