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Painting Colorful Language

| Learning | June 24, 2015

(On the first day I have this math teacher’s class, she makes a point of saying that “As long as you’re quiet, you can do whatever you want in my class after a test.” One day, I decide to test her limits and bring an art box I’d gotten for Christmas. Included in the box were a set of watercolor paints.)

Classmate: “[Teacher], [My Name] is painting!”

Teacher: “Yes, she is.”

Classmate: “Aren’t you gonna do anything?”

Teacher: “Is she being loud?”

Classmate: “No…”

Teacher: “Is she giving away any answers to the test?”

Classmate: “No…”

Teacher: “Then what’s the problem?”

Classmate: “She’s f****** painting!”

Teacher: “And I said on day one, I don’t care as long as you’re quiet. You can either take a detention for the language or a zero for talking during the test.”

(The classmate chose the detention, and despite it being my least favorite subject, because of that teacher it became one of my favorite classes.)

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