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Painting A Very Interesting Word Picture

, , , | Right | February 24, 2023

This is an email forwarded to me from a potential client, describing his vision for a logo, depicting himself as a superhero. It was full of grammatical and spelling errors.

Client: “So, you already know I wanna be a superhero… Maybe somethin’ out of a MARVEL comic… Rays of power flowin’ in and out my muscled body! I should have REALLY THICK EYEBROWS and three razor lines on my left eyebrow (trademark), and also the title GHETTOCELEBRITY.

“Maybe me holding a ball of power over my head… WITH BALTIMORE INSIDE!

“Try one with me in baggy clothes and iced out with jewelry, BUT I’M STILL A SUPERHERO! AND THE CITY OF BALTIMORE BEHIND ME? JUST AN IDEA!

“Here are pics of me to GET THE FACE GOOD FOR THE LOGO!”

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