Painting A Picture Of Inconsideration

, , | Right | January 17, 2019

(I work in a cafe that also has a shop next door, owned by the same people. Employees often flit between the two when one gets busy, so we’re pretty versed with both. Today, the employee tasked with the shop has gone home sick, and as we’re a bit short-staffed in the cafe, I decide to close the shop, but can’t lock the door yet due to fire safety regulations. After a while, I hear the bell of the shop door go, but I assume it’s a coworker and carry on my business. When no coworker comes through, I go to investigate and find two women stumbling in the dark among the stock brought in from outside that is now in the aisle, obstructing their path.)

Me: “Hello?”

Customer #1: “Yes, hello. We want to look around but it’s a bit difficult with this mess.”

Customer #2: *snootily* “Don’t you have any lights in this place?”

Me: “Actually, I’ve turned the lights off because we are closed.”

(The customers now become a bit more polite.)

Customer #2: “Oh! Sorry about that! We didn’t notice the sign on the door!”

(I’m wondering how they didn’t notice the fact that it was dark and deserted!)

Customer #1: “I just really wanted to look at this one particular item. Would you mind if I just had a quick peek?”

(I do really mind, but I’ve been told off before for being too blunt with customers, so I try to be accommodating.)

Me: “Yeah, sure, what item would that be?”

Customer #1: “That painting up there!”

(She points to a painting hanging just within reach for me, and as I’m the tallest one there, she makes me get it down so that she can get a closer look. By this point I’ve turned on some lights so I don’t trip and break a leg myself.)

Customer #1: “Oh, no, that’s not as nice as I thought it was. What about that one over there?”

(I then have to take down multiple paintings and other items for her to view, turning on more lights as I go, and leaving the paintings to put back up at the end. She selects some that she likes, and then moves on to other types of items in the shop, again picking some that she likes. I think that, if I’m going to get told off for staying late past closing time, at least I can argue my case with an expensive sale!)

Customer #2: *after a good fifteen minutes* “Ah, now, [Customer #1], we’d best get going. This girl wants to go home!”

Customer #1: “Oh, yes, I’m so sorry I kept you past closing! I won’t buy these now, then, and waste any more of your time. Can you hold them for me, and I’ll come in later on in the week when you’re open?”

(They then left empty-handed, leaving me standing in a fully-lit shop surrounded by items I had to put back. The most painful part? She never came back!)

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